Lionfish Hunt

Now offering afternoon Lionfish Hunt dives!

Afternoon 1 tank dives, includes spears.

Inquire in the shop for details and schedule a lionfish hunt for you or your group.



Going in for the kill

Lionfish Hunt with Dive Experience Croix

Michelle nabs a big one!

Shoot them anyway you want!
St. Croix Scuba lionfish hunt

This Lionfish is skewered!
Now, trim those poisonous spines and fry it up for dinner!

st croix dive Lionfish hunt

Alex the lionfish hunter

 From Alex’s Facebook post on Dive Experience Fans page:

“Lionfish caught at Salt River West Wall, diving with Dive Experience on June 18th. We caught 5 that day which we skinned, fried and had for dinner the following day. The Thai recipe came from the “Lionfish Cookbook” published by REEF and sold in Dive Experience’s store. I also used the book’s instructions on how to fillet the fish properly and safely.”