Handicap Scuba

Handicap Divers welcome at Dive Experience

Dive Experience is proud to work with handicap divers.  Here are photos our our patron Blake, who has been diving with us since 2002.

Assisting handicapped diver onto the boat

DM helping our handicapped diver to get on the boat

Hindicap Diving with Dive Experience

Michelle helping Blake enter the water for his dive.  We’ll bring the bcd/tank to the boat edge so that the diver needs only to roll into the water!

Getting back on the boat

And now, coming back out after the dive. Our DMs will assist the handicapped diver to remove their bcd and get back on the boat.

Handicap diver exiting Dive Experience Boat

Departing the Dive Experience boat after a great day on the water!

Skeeters new best buddy

Skeeter with his new best buddy Blake