Frequently Asked Questions

Do you dive the wall?
St. Croix has several walls. Each morning on our dive tours we decide on which wall to dive. We decide by what customers have been to what wall and also by request. Here’s a list of our more common dive sites

How far are the dive sites?
Our closest dive site is less than 5 minutes from the dock. This is a sloping wall. Generally, about 15-20 minutes from the dock.

Where do you dive?
We have over 100 dive sites on the north shore of St. Croix. Some of the dives are wall dives, others are shallow coral gardens. We can go deep or shallow within minutes of our dive center. See our Dive Page for descriptions of dive sites.

How many divers does your boat take?
Our boat is a Coast Guard licensed vessel that is certified to carry a maximum of 15 total. This would be a captain, dive guide and 13 divers with two tanks each.

Can I get a video of our dive?
Yes, UW videography and photography services available. Please contact us in advance so that we can schedule Sam, our videographer on your dive.

What profiles do you do?
If you do not have a dive computer, our most common dive is a wall dive first 80 feet for 30-60 minutes, followed by a 50 foot dive for 40-60 minutes, with a 30 minutes or more surface time. If you have a computer you can stay down longer if you have the air.


What is the visibility?
Our visibility can vary throughout the year. It is much clearer in the winter and late spring (over 100 feet). In the summer the water gets warmer and we have some plankton but this brings in Manta Rays. Still the visibility will be 70 feet or more.

What equipment do you use?
In our rental department we use Aqualung Titan, Sea Quest BCD, Suunto consoles and Zoop computers. We have a large variety of masks to try out, mostly Mares Oceanic and Aqualung. All of our rental fins are Mares. Our dive tanks are compact 80’s they are not floaters so you wear less weight.

Is gear included in the dive price?
Yes all equipment except for wet suit is included. A wet suit is only $10.00 to rent.

Do you do hotel pick ups?
Yes at most of them: Buccaneer, Sugar Beach, Mill Harbor, Club St. Croix, Colony Cove, Chenay Bay, The Palms at Pelican Cove., and Hibiscus Hotel. We can only do morning pick ups. The divers will have to take a shuttle or taxi back. After the morning dive we usually have a turn around and do not have time to drive people back to their hotels. Most diver prefer to stay in town for lunch and shopping.

St Croix dive experience scuba

Photo by Andrew Donelson

I forgot my dive card or misplaced it can I still go diving?
Yes, we have a form that you fill out, we can also do a check with PADI.

What courses do you teach?
We teach all PADI courses. From Bubblemaker to Instructor.

I never dived before, can I dive without being certified?
Yes. We do a Discover SCUBA program which consist of a short lecture, confined water session followed by an open water dive or two, to 40 feet or less. It is a great way to experience diving with out going through a long course.

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