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Kids love us too!

Thank you Michelle for the in water training experience! And for our awesome first dive and especially helping me with my mask that was much more comfortable once I put my pony tail down lower. Thanks you Sam for the amazing second dive! I loved seeing the turtle and sharks very much! Also for the video you made for us it is very cool!!

Stephanie (13 years old)

I am really grateful for you taking me on that Discover Scuba trip! I want to thank Michelle for teaching me how to dive correctly. I didn’t really get the hang of equalizing my ears, but I still am really thankful for you helping me out. I also want to thank Sam for making this amazing video for us! It is really cool how you got shots of all of us. You also helped me with my ear problem and it helped, which I really am grateful for. Thank you so much for this experience!

Tyler (11 years old)

Happy Dive Experience Divers

– K Moore & family!

A Family of Divers
Thank you again for a wonderful week and taking such good care of us. Mom is still thrilled with her dive and I am soooo proud of her for doing it.
Chad is completely hooked now so we hope to make it back in a year or two for more.
Here is a photo of us all in our Dive Experience t shirts before we had to leave.

K Moore

The dives were just spectacular.

We especially liked the Salt River West Wall today and, of course, the night dive at the pier last night. We had a wonderful time, much thanks to you and your team. We look forward to seeing and diving with you again next year.

Dennis and Anette

Many thanks to all for the wonderful dives and great service.
Ray and I had a fantastic time while on the island the beginning of the month…and hope to be able to return sometime soon!


Michelle, Sam, and all the rest:
Joan, Charles and I want to thank you again for a great week of diving. We only got in 10 dives, and sometimes the weather got in the way, but the professionalism, friendliness and customer care we received was as good as it could be.


Thanks for caring about our seas – and the great dives!
Just wanted to thank you and your staff for a fabulous day under the sea! Thank you for the work you do to protect it, and promote it, also. The website and your backround are impressive! I hope to go again with Dive Experience the next time I return to St. Croix for a broader experience of that great world.



Scuba dive the best walls in the Carribean28 Year Anniversary

Thank you for 28 years in the dive and tourism industry, you have provided a wonderful service to our visitors, families and friends.

Belinda Charters

I WON a dive trip with Dive Experience
Diving was easy and enjoyable on Dive Experience, Michelle’s comfortable boat with her excellent staff. There are many varied dive locations in St Croix and I enjoyed each that I dove.


From a Cruise Ship Passenger:
St. Croix – what a gorgeous island! It’s a lot less crowded than St. Thomas and I’m sure it too has a lot of poverty but it doesn’t show as much as on St. Thomas. Here too we had set up an independent excursion – this time a scuba diving one through Dive Experience, www.divexp.com, which was wonderful.

They’re really nice and laid back people but very professional about diving, very knowledgeable, etc. We had been diving before and wanted more than just the ‘discover scuba’ excursions available but at the same time we’re not certified and dive experience turned out to be the best pick for us. We had a ‘training’ session off of a beach, but this was pretty much tailored to us in determining how long we trained and what we needed to go over. Our guide/instructor, Tom, was wonderful. We then took a boat out with a group of other divers and did 1 tank dive in one place and then they took us to a second dive site and we dove again. On the boat were about 10 divers of all different levels – in this case they were all certified except for us – and each group of 3-4 people had a guide dive with them. Tom, our instructor was also our dive guide, which was pretty comforting, especially to me, who I have to admit was the most chicken about this whole idea. He lead us (me) through our paces and explained everything before going under and was right with us (me) the whole time until we (me) felt more comfortable. It truly ended up being a wonderful experience! The water was incredibly clear and all the different fish and plant life we saw were amazing.

B. Blanchett

Professional Operation
I dove with you a couple times. Your crew is great, especially Sam and Michelle. You have a low key operation that is professional without being overbearing. I will see you next year. Nice Island!


Thank you again!
I just wanted to say thank you for one of the best weeks ever diving. Angela and I real enjoyed our time with you and your team at Dive Experience. You are one of the most knowledgeable divers we have ever been with and the professional manner in which you run your boat is above and beyond anything we have ever experienced.

Ted and Angela

Still Remembering Our Dives with You! 
Just wanted to let you know that it has almost been a year since we dove with you all.  We are currently diving in the Florida Keys and we keep comparing our experiences with you against our current dive outfit.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of us.  I think that every dive shop needs to look you up and have someone post as a touritst to learn what they need to do to make the most of their customers’ experiences with them.  Thanks so much for the great time and we will certainly be back as soon as we can make it happen!  Thanks again!!

Glenn and Becky

Advanced Diving Course
Thank you all for a wonderful experience this past week. I learned a lot, improved some skills, and most of all saw one of the most  beautiful places on earth. I hope to come back next year for more diving with you and more  dancing in St. Croix.

Jim Felling — 200 miles from the ocean
Queen Angelfish in St. Croix

Photo by Andrew Donelson

A Great Time
I have been meaning to tell you what a great time we had diving with you. I also wanted to thank Sam for the great DVD he made for us. It was a great Christmas gift for my Sam. The photography and music are outstanding. It will be a renewable source for our memories for the rest of our lives. Every time I view it gives me great pleasure.
I am looking forward to my next trip to St. Croix and will be diving with you again.


I would certainly like to dive with you again
Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the kindness and attention extended to me by yourself, Sue and Mike when I did my open water referral dives in early March.
I would certainly like to dive with you again if I have the opportunity to get back to St. Croix. I have been telling other divers up here about my first open water dive experience and what a great time I had.


definitely the highlight of our trip
A great big THANKS for the wonderful time for the wonderful time we had during our dive. Sue, you gotta see those dolphins–HA. I have NEVER had so much fun nor have I worked with such great folks. Melissa and I have told EVERYONE about our experience with you. It was definitely the highlight of our trip. Sam, I can’t wait to see the video just to relive those wonderful moments.

If and when I return to St. Croix, I hope to be certified ( not insane) so we can go to some more great spots. Thanks again.

Renee and Melissa
Harlequin Seabass photo from St. Croix

Photo by Andrew Donelson


Thanks for the BEST service anyone can imagine!
I thoroughly enjoyed diving with you again. I learned many things from you as I was diving and wanted to thank you for the good times. There will never be any other dive shop for me on ST. Croix, you guys are the ULTIMATE in diving shops with the greatest service I’ve seen.

Sam, the video is a HUGE hit here in the frozen North. I’m going to transfer it to DVD as soon as my friend Marcel gets his new Mac at work. It will bring back GREAT memories for many years to come. Great shooting.

Stephanie, you’re the greatest shop person. Always happy and excited to be in the shop. Maybe next time I come down, Michelle will cut you loose and let you dive with the rest of the world!

Perry and Chad, thanks for being great guides and mentors. I’ll remember the advice for a lifetime of diving.

P. Semenuk

Dive Experience will keep me coming back
Just wanted to thank Deanna and Sam for making my dives so enjoyable. Deanna was great fun to dive with. She took the time to make feel very comfortable. She also was very informative about diving in general. We talked about everything from different kinds of fish and coral, to advanced diving courses, to how to use my new u/w camera. Sam was great too. He’s really easy to talk to also, and his concern for the underwater environment is obvious…..I guess I should mention that they are both a lot of fun too! I never got to go out on the boat with Stephanie, but she was always very friendly and helpful at the store. I rely a lot on first impressions and I got a good one from she and Deanna and Michelle that first day. I know that one particular day when I was the only person that showed up for a dive, that it probably wasn’t financially savvy to take just me out, but they did. It was great! That along with the great personalities and professionalism I encountered at Dive Experience will keep me coming back and recommending DE every opportunity I get. Thanks again!

P. Alcorn

The best we had ever been with
I just wanted to tell you how much our entire group enjoyed all the diving we did with your group there on St. Croix. We all said you guys were the best we had ever been with! You were all helpful, patient and lots of fun. We had a great time on beautiful St. Croix and hope to return soon!

Susan, Sheila, Jim, Jennifer, Brandon, Joe and Reed

I was surrounded by wonderful Dives
It has been a year now since Liz and I got married at the Buccaneer and it was the best day of my life. Through that week preceding my wedding, I was surrounded by wonderful Dives which included a Mantle Ray about 6 feet wide and many turtles at Cane Bay. I cannot thank you guys enough for showing me such a beautiful part of the island.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank the two of you from the bottom of my heart.

P Barbosa

An awesome job with the Video

My son Reed went diving with you and had a blast…thank you for taking care of him. I did want to tell you that you did an awesome job with the video…we have watched it 10 times already. It was put together so nice with the footage, music and added notes.
Great job !! Thank you for making the trip so memorable.

Donna and Reed

Review from undercurrent.com
Vis: 60 to 100 Feet. Water: 70 to 75 Fahrenheit, calm.
Caravelle hotel first class, and Dive Experience the same.
Three two tank morning dives, and one night dive with Dive Experience. Although the corals and large fish seem to be on the decline, still well worth the trip.
Large eels, turtles, lobster, puffer fish, and more can be seen on most dives. Dive Experience staff very good at finding and pointing out these critters. Cane bay wall dive still one of the best dives I have been on.
Always at least two dive masters on board, most if not all double as captains. Michelle, Dee, Sam, and the rest of the staff were as good as they come. Look forward to returning.
If you like good food, St Croix will not disappoint you.
UW Photography comments: Divers not allowed below deck, but dive crew was more than willing to change film between dives. Very, good crew.

S. Forrest

About our staff:
My first dive was an introductory dive with Dive Experience. After that vacation, I took my initial training with an dive center up in the cold northern waters. But I came back to Dive Experience for my open water dives for my PADI certification. We had so much fun, we took the advanced course too. What impressed me about Dive Experience was the professionalism and courtesy of their staff. We took a lot of dives, and met divers of varying experience – from absolute beginners to seasoned veterans. All of the dive tastes and abilities were accounted for, leaving everyone on the boat with happy memories. The dive training was top rate, I highly recommend Dive Experience to everyone.

T. Paquette